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For the current month's list, see List of May 2022 uploads.

Uploads have been made to YouTube by the TimmyTurnersGrandDad team almost every day since October 1, 2016. Most uploads are high quality rips, but other content may also be uploaded from time to time.

The majority of TTGD's content is uploaded to YouTube first. The other primary method of content distribution used by TTGD is their albums, which are hosted on Bandcamp, and a small amount of content may be exclusively published there.


TTGD's videos are uploaded to YouTube and added to playlists in advance, and are scheduled to be published at a later date. A separate queue of uploads is maintained internally by the team; only some trusted members of the TTGD backroom team have access to the YouTube account.

Not counting channel events and the occasional break, TTGD publishes rips in a consistent schedule just like SiIvaGunner. Initially, the schedule was 6 videos every day, released every 4 hours. After the vacation, the channel would only publish 1 video per day, usually at 12 PM EST (noon). Starting in mid-July 2020, the channel has switched to publishing 2 videos every day. The initial schedule was 6 AM and 6 PM EST, but in late 2021, the schedule changed to 9 AM and 9 PM EST.

Lists of uploads

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