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"Slider (Anniversary Version) - Super Mario 64" is a high quality rip of the anniversary version of "Slider" from Super Mario 64.


As referenced by the mix title, this was uploaded to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Super Mario 64. This is a medley rip centered around songs that have been used for fusion collabs.

Time Joke Source Collab referenced
0:02 "Battle! (Wild Pokémon)" Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire "Battle! (Wild Pokémon) - Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire"
0:15 "Remix 8" Rhythm Heaven "Rhythm Heaven GIGA MIX"
0:26 "Butter Building" Kirby's Adventure "Butter Building Fusion Collab"
0:38 "Bad Apple!!" Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story "Bad Apple!! - Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story"
0:51 "Fuwa Fuwa Time" K-On! "Fuwa Fuwa Time Fusion Collab"
1:08 "Brinstar" Metroid "Brinstar Fusion Collab"
1:20 "Resurrections" Celeste "Resurrections - Celeste"
1:31 "Pursuit ~ Cornered" Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney "Cornered Fusion Collab"
1:44 "Never Gonna Give You Up" Rick Astley "Play a Mini-Game! Fusion Collab"
1:55 "Play a Mini-Game!" Mario Party "Play a Mini-Game! Fusion Collab", "Play a Mini-Game! (epicer Mix) - Mario Party"
2:07 "Gadget Room" Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force "Play a Mini-Game! (epicer Mix) - Mario Party"
2:25 "Athletic Theme" Super Mario World "TRG Colosseum Fusion Collab"
2:38 "Bohemian Polka" "Weird Al" Yankovic N/A

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