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In order to get rips uploaded onto the channel, contributors who are not part of the Timmy Team submit their rips to the channel at http://bit.ly/TTGDSubs (which redirects to a Google form). The form's fields are:

  • Link:
    • Recommended sites: http://clyp.it/ , https://my.namejeff.com/ , Dropbox, and Google Drive. For audio rips, MP3 is heavily preferred over WAV! When exporting your MP3 file, please ensure that the bitrate is set to 320kbps. Please note that, if you use http://clyp.it/ , you HAVE to enable downloads. Additionally, If you use Dropbox/Google Drive, make sure your link is set to be viewable by anyone.
  • Music:
    • Please note that this name may not be used verbatim (mostly in regards to the mix title).
  • Game
  • Composer:
  • Playlist:
    • If there is no playlist yet, leave this blank.
  • Platform:
  • Ripper:
  • Joke/rip explanation or any other comments
    • Please explain anything used or referenced in the rip. Not everyone will get the same jokes you do, so telling us will help to judge the quality of your rip. Also, if you have a special request for the rip (such as a specific image to use in the video, or a different "please read the channel description" line), you can place it here too.
  • Discord ID / Email / Contact information
    • If your rip could be in better quality we'll help you out. Discord users: Remember to include the tag (example: Albert#1984). Fanserver members: Mention that you're in it so we can just ping you!
  • Please read the form description.

(All fields are required except "Playlist:" and "Ripper:". Also note that the pastebin is outdated, and the #ripping-guidelines channel has the up-to-date rules for submitting.)

The form is linked to a webhook which automatically sends the submission to the TTGD team's Discord server as a Discord message. (Team members simply send a Discord message directly to submit.) Potential contributors are warned that there is a backlog of rips that may delay the vetting process by as long as a few weeks.

Part of the TTGD team, CoQ ("Control of Quality"; named such so the acronym can be pronounced as "cock"), will check incoming submissions. If a rip submission is ultimately judged to be accurate and of high quality, then the submitter will be contacted and the rip will be placed in the internal queue; if it is "soft-rejected" (judged to have potential in spite of being insufficient), suggestions or instructions for improvement will be sent to the submitter; if it is "hard-rejected" (the concept will not be accepted), the submitter may or may not be contacted, although in the case that they aren't, they may ask about their rip in the Discord server.


Due to a belief with some of the early members that the e-mail submission method used by SiIvaGunner was inefficient, the channel didn't have a method for fans to submit initially. In November 2016, TurretBot and Jasper thought of and created the Google form and webhook.


  • "Albert#1984" is a reference to meme associating Albert Softie with "Careless Whisper" (a song released in 1984).