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A rip, in the context of video games, refers to a song or audio file extracted from the files of a game, completely un-modified.

However, just like on SiIvaGunner, a rip on the TimmyTurnersGrandDad channel usually involve the songs being edited, or involve a mashup with another source, rather than being straight video game music.


Being a fan channel of SiIvaGunner the general goal of TimmyTurnersGrandDad is similar: producing "high quality rips" for the sake of entertainment.

Video descriptions

Rips on TimmyTurnersGrandDad follow the same format of SiIvaGunner's: the YouTube video uploads are titled in the format "Song Title - Game Name", with a description.

A key difference with the TimmyTurnersGrandDad channel though, is the addition of a "Ripper" section that credits the person, or people, that made the rip. This is different to the SiIvaGunner channel, which only credits the rippers in Albums.

The video description usually reads:


Please read the channel description.

Sometimes, the description's catchphrase is changed to something that releates to a channel event the rip was uploaded during, or references the joke of a rip.


Rips are modified from the original track in several ways:

Melody change

See also: Category:Melody changes

One of the most prominent bait-and-switch on the channel is the melody change (or melody swap). It consists of playing a different song than the one put in the title, but with the same instruments that the ones used in the game, effectively making it sound like an authentic song.


See also: Category:Mashups

Mashups consist of putting elements from another source along with the original source. It goes from adding simple sound effects, to inharmonious mixing several songs together, but most rips try to create a cohesive result often by using the acappella version of one song and the instrumental of another one.


See also: Category:Arrangements

Arrangements are rips featuring a song remade in a different style and instrumentation. This always involve MIDI editing or sampling. Generally, a different song than the track from the title of the rip is being arranged in the instruments and style of the track being ripped. It differs from a melody change by altering the chords, accompaniment, and make the melody absent or less present.

Midi swap

See also: Category:Midi swaps

A midi swap (also known as a midi slap) refers to taking a MIDI and changing its soundfont without any other changes. Such rips are not recommended in user submissions and when the channel posts them, usually they are intentionally bad.

Medley rip

See also: Category:Medley rips

Rips are considered medley when they feature modifications from at least 5 different sources. They can be both melody changes or mashups.


See also: Category:Switcheroos

The switcheroo is bait-and-switch put to the extreme. It is when there is (almost) no trace of the original song whatsoever, switching it to a completely different track.


See also: Category:Covers

A cover is a performance of a song by somebody else. Sometimes, contributors happen to do covers of the songs ripped themselves.

Blue balls

See also: Category:Blue balls rips

Blue balls rips consist of playing one portion of the song over and over and over and over... in a seemingly infinite loop.

Sentence mixing

See also: Category:Rips with sentence mixing

Sentence mixing consists of mixing the lyrics of a song to create completely different lines for comedic effects.


See also: Category:Rips with pitch-shifting

Pitch-shifting consists of changing the pitch of a sample, most often with song vocals. This is a technique frequently used in YTPMV: the samples are arranged with pitch-shifting so that they are heard in a different melody.

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