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"Play a Mini-Game!" is a frequently ripped track from Mario Party. It's also a major meme on the channel.


The song is a short 4-bar loop, played at 120 BPM in the key of G major. In-game, it is played on the instructional screen preceding a mini-game.


See also: Category:Play a Mini-Game! and Category:Rips featuring Play a Mini-Game!

This is the first truly original TimmyTurnersGrandDad meme (predated only by Loss, but that is a non-rip meme). The first rip of the song, Play a Mini-Game! - Mario Party (later renamed to "In-Game Version"), was made by Jasper in November 2016.

After making this rip, Jasper decided to hold a contest within the team to see who could make the best rip of the song.[citation needed] As a result of this, many rips were made by different team members. The winners of the contest were Exercise Mix, Barrier Mix, and Toothpaste Mix, with an honorable mention going to Offensive Mix.[citation needed]

The team decided that, due to the large quantity of rips, they would upload one every day at noon. This went on for longer than expected due to people creating even more rips of the song. By the end of the year, the team (and fans) were growing tired of it, so Play a Mini-Game! - Mario Party was created as a send-off and was uploaded as the song's 69th rip (the funny sex number). After this, rips of "Play a Mini-Game!" were banned from the channel[citation needed], although it would continue to be used as a joke in other rips, being the most prominent joke unique to TTGD.

A little over a year later, in January 2018, the album Play a Mini-Album! would be released. It is dedicated to rips of this song and contains 20 new tracks using "Play a Mini-Game!" as the base. On April 3, 2020, after the premiere of "Play a Mini-Game! Fusion Collab", it was announced that "Play a Mini-Game!" rips were unbanned from the channel.[citation needed] Most of the new "Play a Mini-Game!" have bizarre mix names that are usually puns on the word "mix" or "version", taking after what SiIvaGunner's "Circus" rips have done since 2019.

Following the Gary the Gadget Bot Takeover in June 2020, "Play a Mini-Game!" has been largely overtaken by "Gadget Room" in terms of being the most prominent TTGD joke. However, TTGD's collaborations with The Runaway Guys (in 2020, 2021, and 2022) have featured several new rips of the song.


  • The character Toad is used to represent this meme in the rare case where such a thing is needed.

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