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"Main Theme - PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator" is a high quality rip of "Main Theme" from PewDiePie's Tuber Simulator.


The rip is actually a portion of PewDiePie's video "DELETING MY CHANNEL AT 50 MILLION.", set to "But the Earth Refused To Die" from Undertale and dubbed by a text-to-speech voice telling the viewers he will delete the channel at ten thousand subscribers in a modified version of PewDiePie's speech.

This video would later get a followup in the rip "Return to Dreamland - Kirby's Return to Dream Land".


YouTube is trying to kill my channel. It is happening. It's clear. If you check my rips, it's all going down there and I think my rips are better, I think they're really funny and it seems like you guys enjoy them as well. So it's a shame that it's going in this direction.

I'm not gonna let YouTube win. I see how it is, it's because I have so many subscribers. They're trying to kill my channel. This is all a conspiracy. YouTube wants to kill my channel. It's because I'm always complaining to them. I don't have family-friendly content, I clickbait too much, huh? Is that it? It all makes sense, YouTube wants my channel gone. They want someone else more high quality, someone really extremely cancerous, like SiIvaGunner.

I'm white, can I make that comment? But I do think that's a problem, and I'm not gonna let YouTube win. I'm not gonna let YouTube defeat me. So I decided... the only way to stop my channel from dying...

I know you're gonna think I'm joking right now, but I'm gonna delete my channel. I swear to you, at ten thousand subs, when we hit ten thousand. A huge landmark coming up, a huge deal, never done before, no-one's even close.


[Music stops]

And meanwhile, remember to binge that button. Bing it. Bing that button. Do it. Bing it.