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"Gadget Room", also known as "Gary's Theme", is a major meme on the TimmyTurnersGrandDad channel.


"Gadget Room" originates from the Nintendo DS game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, a spin-off game to the now-defunct children's MMO Club Penguin. It is played whenever the player is inside the Gadget Room of the Penguin Secret Agency Headquarters, or Gary's Room at the Sports Shop's second floor, both owned by Gary the Gadget Guy. The song would reappear in the game's sequel Club Penguin: Herbert's Revenge, serving the same purpose.

The composition features mostly instruments from various Roland sound modules, notably the XV-5080.


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Before appearing on TTGD, this song was featured in a SiIvaGunner rip, "Play a Mini-Game! - Mario Party" on December 18, 2016, which was a collab between TTGD contributors; "Gadget Room" was added by Anim Soultron.

After that, "Gadget Room" started becoming a frequently ripped track on the channel, until it got too many rips and was banned for a time. Most of these initial rips were based on a MIDI recreation by Slippy Toad that sounds fairly similar due to the same instruments being used, but still having inaccuracies. The contributor Retro Gaming did a lot of these rips, and became associated with the song. Starting in 2018, he would begin incorporating its melody as a joke in other rips.

In May 2020, as a parody of SiIvaGunner's Inspector Gadget Takeover, TTGD had a Gary the Gadget Bot takeover, where the upload speed increased drastically and every rip had to do with "Gadget Room". It could be inferred from the takeover's catchphrase that part of the reason why it became a meme in the TTGD Team is due to the track being in C minor.

The song has continued to be used frequently in rips after the event's end.

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