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This event would start with "gone." and "minigame.", both uploaded on March 31. TTGD is removed in the channel icon. This also affected the Twitter account. Several tweets were put out, which seems to be a parody of when people "leave" social media overdramatically.

The next day on April 1st, "Into The Fairy Tale - Mario Party DS" was uploaded, meaning that all the mystery behind the 2 videos was all a joke. After that, many rips related to Trollface or trolling we're uploaded.

The Twitter account avatar changed to a edit of TTGD using Trollface. However, the YouTube channel avatar stayed unchanged.

The Discord fanserver probably got changed too.[citation needed]

List of rips


March 31

  1. the TTGD icon without TTGD
  2. gone.
  3. background of the main door of the Turner residence (might reference April furst)
  4. It all started when I got 10k subscribers
  5. minigame.
  6. IGOR.avi without IGOR
  7. Patch 3.4
  8. I've just uploaded a new rip! "gone."
  9. I've just uploaded a new rip! "minigame."
  10. grand dad is dead and i killed him
  11. i hate gadget room
  12. Thank you, I'll say goodbye now
  13. Though its the end of the world, don't blame yourself
  14. And if its true.......
  15. ...
  16. i'm sorry chad daddy

April 1

  1. a gif of Trollface slowly smiling
  2. kinda of a troll ngl