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"All Star - LEGO Rock Band" is a high quality rip of "All Star" from LEGO Rock Band.


Prior to the rip beginning, Applejack presents a message from Listie (represented with Kyu's voice) asking that DJ Cummerbund and Vari not sue them over the rip, which Applejack dismissively says will happen regardless.

The main body of the rip following, as evidenced by the apologies to the artists in the "Ripper" section and the rip itself, is a mashup of the vocal arrangement from DJ Cummerbund's "Semi-Charmed Sign" (featuring "The Sign" by Ace Of Base and "Lord Give Me A Sign" by DMX, plus guitar from "Cliffs Of Dover" by Eric Johnson) and the instrumental arrangement from Vari's "Semi-Charmed All Star".

At 3:09, the word "Jesus" is replaced with Donkey crying "Shrek!"


The album title originally misspelled "Charmed" as "Charmmed". This was fixed around the 26th.